The Wolf is a beast Class Gladiator, and is probably the first of it's Class available to recruit in both Nordagh and Imperia.

A Wolf

Wolves appear to be fighting as a light class, seeing as they have high INI and MOV, and are weak against medium characters. Wolves have high general stats but can not be equiped with weapons and or armor.

The Wolf has a very wide variety of skills, though they can only learn one affinity type attack, earth affinity. They work well in packs, due to the Pack Mentallity 1 + 2 skills, which can be handy in early to mid game. In the later part of the they gain skills like evasion, on guard and riposte. Combine these skills with their overall high defence and the Wolf becomes virtually unhittable and will allways retaliate.

In late game Shred Throat becomes available, which does massive damage and causes intense bleeding.

Greater creatures (Greater Wolf, Greater Cat and Greater Bear) and Dark creatures (Dark Wolf and Dark Cat) can't be recruited.