Satyrs are Light Class gladiators from Nordagh. Like many units in Gladius, Satyrs are unable to equip armor of any type, making their defence

A Satyr

very low compared to many other light class units. Also, their attack power is considerably lower than most units in the game, making their basic attacks very weak vs. almost every unit.  Jug Bonk is useful because it stuns and knocks down opponents and can deal a decent amount of damage, but is their only redeeming single target offensive attack. They are also capable of learning a series of fire-breath attacks that can deal decent damage to mulitple units on the battlefield, but not nearly as much as certain other Arcane or Hero units. However, Satyrs can use special dances to boost crowd favor and give team bonuses, and also have multiple innate abilities that help increase crowd favor. This can come quite in handy when heavily outnumbered on the battlefield, as it can immediately increase your favor to max in a single turn, giving your whole team full Crowd Favor bonuses. Also, they have decent defensive abilities, and have the ability to remove status effects from teammates, making them decent on the battlefield. However, you will always need multiple other units on the battlefield with the Satyr to make up for his complete lack of offence.

When fighting groups that have a Satyr, it is wise to try and take them out as quickly as possible. You do not need to worry about the damage they can deal to your characters, but you will need to worry about their ability to shift the tide of Crowd Favor towards the enemy side. Crowd Favor is essential for the more challenging fights, and when fighting large groups of enemies that have a Satyr on their team can make gaining Crowd Favor very difficult. This fact, plus their ability to Jug Bonk and stun your units, makes Satyrs a danger when controlled by the computer, and important units to target first.