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“Growing up beside Valens allowed Ludo to enjoy the finest education in both the art of battle and more intellectual pursuits. Ludo is a fiery warrior who fights with passion and always speaks his mind, which often leads him into trouble.” – League Training Manual, page 8

Ludo is Valens' best friend and a co-founder of Munio's School. He is one of the starting members of the school in the Valens story but leaves in the Windward Steppes. Ludo shares many of Mutuus' views and grows increasingly apart from Valens, eventually allying with Mutuus and gaining Dark affinity when he is transformed by Nyphelia. In the Ursula story Ludo has already left by the time the party meets Valens.


He is a decent Medium Class gladiator and has the unique skill Upper Hand which can be very useful in the right circumstances.