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“Eiji is a mercenary for hire who roams the Windward Steppes looking for work. A cunning archer and a clever manipulator, she can always find a job, but her smooth talking can get her in over her head.” – League Training Manual, page 8


It is important to note that Eiji's Combo attacks are not ranged and are instead melee attacks for close combat. Taking Combo 2 is more than enough. Volley attacks multiple enemies in a small area. Cover Area is good, but by the time Eiji joins the party most opponents can dodge or block the shots. Flash Arrow is very handy for stunning a group of enemies.

When Eiji joins the school, she will usually have a point or two in Air Affinity, which is a good match for her. Eventually she can acquire the Black Bow in Belfort (second visit to Imperia) which has the Super Range ability, allowing her to hit almost anywhere in any arena without moving.