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A male Berserker

Berserker are Light Class gladiators originating from Nordagh. They can be useful in a pinch because they require little equipment to be effective. They use no armour or shields, but can throw their axes and swords and gain large bonuses to damage when they are heavily wounded. They are also able to use several different types of shouts, such as Roar, Yowl, Howl, etc. These shouts cause different status effects to nearby enemies, making them very useful in battles vs. any type of unit. Their damage output is average unless they are in Rage form where you are unable to control the character, causing their usefulness in basic battles to fall short of most light classes. However, in King of the Hill matches and Domination, they are great at keeping enemies away from the objective points due to their shouts allowing them to root, fear, or confuse the enemy units. In terms of overall usefullness, they are outclassed by Secutors and Bandits in most battles..

The downside to Berserkers is that in order to be most damage effective they must enter Rage, and while they're enraged the computer controls their actions. Mad Rage is difficult to do manually, but the computer has no problem with it.

When a Berserker Rages they become Heavy Class gladiators for the rest of the battle, causing them to become more effective vs. Medium Classes and less effective vs. Light Classes. This can make choosing units for battles vs. Berserkers very difficult, since their main weakness can later become their strong point. When fighting Berserkers, it is wise to bring at least one Light Class unit, just in case they do Rage.